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Shiva Shivling Statue Sculpture with 2 Face Shiva Parvati Idol Decorative Showpiece

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Aesthetic collection of Marble dust Lord Shiva And Parvati Pindi , which are designed and manufactured from soft natural marble dust stone. In these statues Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is in blessings posture. The statue is well designed and completely hands finished that provide an elegant look and offers high quality finishing touch to these statues. The size of this Marble dust Statue measures 11x10x6 (LxWxH) cm.


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The Bhagwad Gita

Explore "The Bhagwad Gita" which has been crafted beautifully with one of the most premium cloth-based cover materials for achieving maximum endurance. Also, It has been embellished with beautiful gold foil work on the covers and spine.

This flexible and lay-flat edition contains the original Sanskrit verses with their transliteration and translation in English alone.

The book comes with a cute little bookmark featuringLord Krishna. Thus it feels like Lord Krishna is traveling with us while reading this book.

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    This precious edition of the Sundarakanda is crafted with the most premium cloth cover. The cloth cover is imprinted with exquisite illustrations and decorated with artistic foiling and embossing. Thus making it a beautiful antique piece of art.

    This pocket edition consists of the English and Hindi translations of the entire Sundara-kāṇḍa which are presented as 12 chapters in a story-telling format. It also consists of an invocation hymn to Lord Hanuman. 

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  • Hanuman Chalisa

    This Precious Edition Of The Hanuman Chalisa Is Crafted With The Most Premium Cloth Cover. The Cloth Cover Is Imprinted With Exquisite Illustrations And Decorated With Artistic Foiling And Embossing. Thus Making It A Beautiful Antique Piece Of Art.

    With beautiful illustrations, this edition of the famous hymn features the Chalisa in its original Awadhi language. Also, it comes along with its transliteration in English and translation in both English and Hindi.

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